Here you will find all the necessary information for joining the educational program “Artificial Intelligence Systems“!

  • Specialty 122 “Computer Science”
  • Educational program (specialization) “Artificial Intelligence Systems”
  • The Department of Artificial Intelligence Systems
  • Institute of Computer Science and Information Technologies (IKNI)
  • National University “Lviv Polytechnic”

Filing documents

Applications for entry are submitted electronically for this purpose, the entrant must register on the website.

Documents will be received electronicallyfrom July 12 to July 26 (until 18:00) in 2018.

An electronic application is submitted by entrants who wish to take part in the competitive selection and have no grounds for the special conditions of admission and admission to the higher education institution. surname, first name, patronymic of the accredited person in the document.For those who enter into full secondary education, personal data must coincide with the information in the certificate of external independent evaluation.

Do not forget to put 1 priority when applying.

List of Competitive Subjects of external independent evaluation:

  1. Ukrainian language and literature (weight of the subject of the certificate - 0,35)
  2. Mathematics (weight of the subject of the certificate - 0,4)
  3. Physics / Foreign Language (English, French, German, Spanish) (Certificate Subject Weight - 0.25)

Licensed volume(the maximum number of students who can be enrolled in the university for the direction of 'Computer Science' training): 300.

Maximum amount of government order: 255, of which min 88 seats will be allocated to students of the Artificial Intelligence program.

After receiving the recommendation, you must submit the original documents. When submitting the original documents, you must fill out the application with the chosen specialization of study - 'Artificial Intelligence Systems'.

Cost of studying on contract form: 13500, 14850, 16340, 17970 UAH / for the first-fourth year respectively.

Read more about the rules of admission to the National University of “Lviv Polytechnic” under the link.


  • Lviv, st. Stepana Bandery, 12; The main building of NU “LP”, a.101

Contacts of selection committee:

  • Phone: (032) 258-25-37

  • Phone: (032) 258-22-65

  • E-mail: entrance@lpnu.ua