Hasko Roman Teodoziiovych



Senior Lecturer

Senior Lecturer


Co-author of "Internet of Things", "Artificial Intelligence Systems" education programs in NU "LP", Head of Laboratory of IOT (fb.com/IoT.Fab), author and developer of Hebron-Cloud e-learning systems, Avsecschool.co.uk and others. Head of a number of diploma papers using IOT, telepresence work, Big Data / Apache Hadoop. Languages: English, Polish. Certificates: "Computer Science" from Harvard University's , "Web Application Architectures" from the University of New Mexico, "Artificial Intelligence for Robotics" from Georgia Institute of Technology's, IBM's "IoT" Specialized in "Full Stack Web Development" (by The University of California, Irvine, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, "Internet of Things".)


Scientific interests:
Artificial intelligence and robotics, Internet of Things (IOT), web development, e-learning, radio electronics.
Areas of research:

Hi-End Audio, Sailboats.

Scientific research:

Title The method of big data processing for distance educational system
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Excerpt The paper presents the main features of modern educational systems such as huge amount of information and requirements for data processing. The Big data definition and the main characteristics description The model of association between entities and characteristics is …
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Excerpt Recently, there is a tendency for students to lose interest in research and learning in general. The main reason for this development is lack of motivation. Students do not have the opportunity to concentrate on their studies, they more like games or research [1]. Thanks to the …
Title Thermal annealing of soft magnetic materials and measurements of its magnetoelastic properties
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Excerpt The paper discusses a virtual computer game laboratory named SAUDAI as an innovative method of teaching IT students that will encourage them to learn and generate students' interest in learning and research. The system is designed to provide students with …
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